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Workshop Schedule
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**Live workshops will take place each Wednesday in the Student Union from 12:10-1:00.

**Recorded workshops will be linked to video as they are posted to YouTube.
***No online workshops will count toward Grant Aid requirements without the prior approval of the Director. In order to receive a workshop credit for an online workshop previously approved by the Director, please complete this form and return it to a STARS Team member.

Fall 2012 Recorded Workshops
College Success w/ David Smith
Netiquette w/ Marie Gardner
College Debt Management w/ Jodi Kaus - KSU
Financial Aid w/ Kara Hale
Test Anxiety w/ Dr. Charles Krall
Transfer w/ Neal Hoelting - WSU
Study/Organizational Skills w/ Krista Clay
Stress Management w/ Michelle Hoag
Dining Etiquette w/ Kathy McEwan- KSU

Spring 2013 Workshop Schedule
2.6 - Test-Taking with PowerPoint
2.13 - FAFSA with PowerPoint
2.20 - Leadership (w/ Charles Babb)
2.27 - Transfer (w/ Jennifer Pliler - MSSU)
3.6 - Nutrition (w/ Kathy McEwan)
3.13 - Intercultural Communication (w/ Cathy Lee Arcuino)
3.27 - Budgeting (w/ Tim Fairchild)
4.3 - Debt Management (w/ Linda Petterson)
4.10 - Interviewing (w/ Krista Clay)
4.17 - Major/Career Exploration (w/ TBA)
4.24 - Stress Management (w/ TBA)

Fall 2013 Workshop Schedule
Paying for College w/Angela Lisle & Jane Cox
Stress Management w/Shawna Wright
Navigating the Transfer Process w/Angela Lisle & Deana Core (KSU)
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals w/Angela Lisle
Online Nettiquette w/Anna Catterson
Establishing Credit w/Linda Petterson

Spring 2014 Workshop Schedule
Transfer Myths w/Jennifer Shaw (MSSU)
Focus on the Positive w/Christy Perez (PSU)
Nutrition w/Kathy McEwan (KSU Ext Office)
Debt Management Basics w/Ken Lickteig ( Bank of Commerce)
 Developing an Online Presence w/Janene Brunell (KSWORKS)
What NOT to do in a Job Interview (KSWORKS) Click here for to view our archived workshop videos.