Academic Advising/Support

Academic Advising
Students accepted into STARS are assigned an academic advisor on the STARS Team.  This individual may serve as a student's primary or secondary advisor and assist them in course selection, enrollment, and meeting program and graduation requirements.

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STARS also has a full-time Transfer/Career Advisor, Angela Lisle, available to provide assistance with transferring to a four year university, as well as major and career exploration.

Other STARS team members whose primary responsibilities lay elsewhere, such as Bart Chaney, STARS Project Director, are also routinely available for academic advising.

Academic Support
STARS has a full-time Math/Science Specialist, Elizabeth Robinson, who can help students with any of their math or science needs.  From Beginning Algebra to Calculus 3 and from Environmental Science to Microbiology, Elizabeth is prepared to help students succeed!

STARS has a full-time English/Reading Specialist, Grace Riebel, who tutors anything that involves writing, from Fundamentals of Written Communication to English Composition II, any literature classes, communications classes, and other humanities, like World Religions and Introduction to Mythology.

The CAVE Tutors are in the CAVE to help ALL STUDENTS at NCCC.  Visit them at the times listed on the linked schedule for any subjects listed. There is also online tutoring available, so check out the resources here.

STARS also has some positions open for students to be tutors.  Peer tutors help students in areas not covered by the other staff.  We hire tutors based on a referral and interview process.  Tutors must have at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA and an A or B in the class to be tutored.

The purpose of STARS is to help you do well in your classes, so see Elizabeth, Grace, Angela or Bart for any questions concerning help in a class or being a peer tutor!

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English/Reading Specific Resources
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